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Health Benefits Of Fresh Juice
By Juliette Pickup
The age-old misconception that juice should be sweet has been overturned during the last few years and as such we have gained access to a far wider range of flavors. Instead of being limited to only fruit juices, you now have access to juice that has been created from vegetables, a mixture of fruit and vegetables or even fruit and/or vegetable juice mixed with herbs and/or spices. The combinations are endless and they're all good for you.

The comparative levels of nutrients, vitamins and minerals that you receive from juice as opposed to the sodas (which are being consumed in such great quantities every day) are amazing. The fact that wholesome juice is far less accessible to the average consumer than soda could be a contributing factor in the rise of obesity, all over the world. Sodas have incredibly little nutritional value and in addition to that they have huge amounts sugar, preservatives, colorants and flavorings to make the drink taste good to consumers. There are also a range of ingredients in the sodas that can be potentially addictive as well as being generally unhealthy.

The sodas can start your body on a major roller

coaster, since the sugar will give you a major energy spike, but that will soon wear off, leaving you more tired than you were prior to drinking the soda. This is due to your body burning some of your energy reserves during the spike, without having them properly replenished. The additives that are so plentiful in soda will also accumulate within your system and can be distributed throughout your body. Simply put, the more rubbish that accumulates within your body, the more the functioning will degrade.

Fresh juice on the other hand has none of these problems. Your body requires certain quantities of nutrients, minerals and vitamins each day to function at its peak. They are all present in fresh produce, fruit, vegetables or herbs and spices. In order to ensure that you get all the required nutrients for your body on a daily basis, you need to consume a variety of fresh produce because they contains different nutrients and only a combination can provide you with all the nutrients you need. Drinking juice also allows you to get sufficient amounts of certain nutrients which our body needs in large quantities.

As each fruit and vegetable contains different combinations of nutrients and vitamins, you should try and get juice that contains fruits and/or vegetables that complement each other nutritionally. You are also capable of drinking far more juice than eating the whole fruit or vegetable equivalent and because the juice contains concentrated amounts of nutrients, you need to drink a lot less juice to get the equivalent amount of nutrients that are present in the whole food.

There is benefit to doing some research about what nutrients are present in which produce, in order to get an idea of what produce is nutritionally complementary.  Plus, the fresher the juice you drink, the more nutrients you will derive from it. Also be aware that the packaging of the juice can be detrimental to the juice itself since the method of packing and the type of container the juice is in can destroy some of the nutrients that are contained in the juice.

About the Author
All juicer information has been researched and written by Juliette Pickup
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